Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Upload large files on Aolserver - Is moving to Naviserver the only way?

My recommendation is to move ahead and upgrade from OpenACS 5.5 to OpenACS 5.8.0. OpenACS 5.5.1 is more than 4 years old. Sooner or later, you might want to upgrade, and upgrading the kernel is usually not a big thing. We recently upgraded OpenACS 5.5 to OpenACS HEAD and then to the oacs-5-8 branch, and the upgrade of the core was very smooth (see for the exactly used components). You do not have to upgrade the database (although i would recommend this anyhow).

If for some reason, you can't upgrade to 5.8.0 now, you can check for the differences (diff -r) between your version and the components of the oacs-5-8 branch, and grep for NaviServer. There are probably just a handful of changes.

Concerning bgdelivery: you can probably just upgrade xotcl-core to get this fixed. My first guess would be:
but advancing to newer versions buys you a lot of other advantages (e.g. use of the NaviServer build-in writer threads, which are much better than classical bgdelivery),

Hope, this helps,
-gustaf neumann

Thanks for the help Gustaf, yeah, I should probably just upgrade.

I was giving a last try by switching the memory allocator to one which allows to reclaim the memory once used, as I could read around... just didn't want to migrate/reload data, but they're not a lot and won't be a big deal.