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12: Re: Parsing PHP array (response to 11)
Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Hi Torben,

I didn't write qf_input_as_array within ad_page_contract.

However I did write within it all form variables, as in

ad_page_contract {
} {
{firstname ""}
{lastname ""}
{email ""}
{product ""}
{phone ""}
{email ""}
{newsletter_p ""}
{date1_day ""}
{date1_month ""}
{date1_year ""}
{date2_day ""}
{date2_month ""}
{date2_year ""}
{date3_day ""}
{date3_month ""}
{date3_year ""}
{message ""}
{locale ""}
{expArray ""}

qf_input_as_array was never inside but outside page contract.

Nevertheless, you notes made me wise about variables within it. Thus, I removed them and the ad_proc is stable since then.
Don't ask me why, cause I have no idea.

I just was used to code like that: every time I have a form I was used to add form variables, all them, within ad_page_contract

Thanks for the tip.
Sorry for my delay, I was in Utah up in the mountains without computer.