Forum OpenACS Development: Re: error on browsing to / on new oacs-5.8, pg-9.1, naviserv-4.9.9

I miscommunicated the shape of what I was thinking... yeah, the ifs would be very confusing.

Let me try to describe the idea more clearly:

right now, we have the openacs config file in $server/etc/config.tcl, and the openacs config in the naviserv source.

Each has a section of the variables the end user would change to get a basic set up, and these are at the top of each file.

Then, each file continues to their end with sections that are either preconfigured or commented out (like the ssls).

What I'm proposing is to simply split the etc/config.tcl at the point where the top parameters are, and then you have a file with only the commonly altered parameters, and another, with the rest. At the top of this file (non-common params) would additionally have a statement including the file with the common parameters.

The naviserv file would have this same include statement, replacing the common parameters.

Is that more clear? and if so, what do you think?