Forum OpenACS Development: Re: OpenACS 5.8.0 + PostgreSQL 9.3

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Hernan,

Currently, just the 41 packages on the oacs-5-8 branch [1] and the packages in used on (e.g. edit-this-page, workflow, bugtracker, photo-album) are adapted for PostgreSQL 9.3, for other packages this work is not done. Some packages of DotLRN might work out of the box, some will require work.

In case you want to install a fresh OpenACS 5.8.0 + Postgres 9.3 installation from scratch, check out the scripts [2] and replace in the configuration part of the "HEAD" branch with "oacs-5-8" to obtain the latest from the oacs-5.8.

In case you want to upgrade postgres of an existing installation to 9.3, see [3], but be aware, that not all packages might work; we are using on production system a modified version of dotlrn mostly with xo*-based packages with PostgreSQL 9.2, so we might be able to help you through the necessary modifications, when you tell us what exact problems you are experiencing.

all the best
-gustaf neumann


Posted by Prem Thomas on
I just finished an install of OpenACS 5.8.0 with Postgres 9.3 on NaviServer 4.99.5 using the scripts referenced in footnote 2 above on Ubuntu 13.10. As suggested, oacs-5-8 was substituted for the version and packages in the script. This was among the smoothest and fastest installs of OpenACS I've done. After the base install, package installation of xowiki, search, and forums went without a bump. The only misbehavior came from the Developer Support package where ADP reveal and DB statistics seem broken. Pleasantly, Naviserver seems quite nimble.

As Jim referenced above, many thanks to Gustaf and the faithful few who have kept this project alive.

Posted by Prem Thomas on
When the install is done with HEAD for version/packages, the Dev Support problems disappear. The install scripts are a boon to developers, especially when used with snapshots in virtual machines to try out various install options.