Forum OpenACS Development: Re: error on browsing to / on new oacs-5.8, pg-9.1, naviserv-4.9.9

One can certainly move towards a openacs configuration file based on tcl-vars only, that calls at the end the config scripts for the appropriate server. Sounds at first sight like a good idea.

However, this common part can address just the intersection of the functionality of the servers, and not the more advanced parts (e.g. spooler threads, writer threads, static gzip delivery, etc.). The server capabilities change as well the the setting of common parameters (we tend to use now more connection threads with naviserver, but wee still need rather less memory). If a user has to look into two different files, and a maintainer has to maintain extra files, some advantages fades probably. I am not sure, how much further development will happen with aolserver (which is a fine product, which serves with its frozenness perfectly the expectations of some sites).

I will personally not put effort this way (there are so many other things to do), but certainly everyone else can...

all the best
-gustaf neumann