Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Is it possible to use the native exec command while also using nsproxy?

I would normally agree, but the code in the perl script cannot be done in tcl reasonably.
i was not suggesting to replace the perl stuff by tcl. In case you have a quick loop with many execs of the form
   while {...} {
      set x [exec perl]
it would be better to make yet another script containing the loop + call of the perl script, and call this additional script via a single exec.
I see what you mean.

I'm not sure if that is possible in this case. After the perl script returns, it outputs a string containing a file path and then is passed to a different proc. If my perl script never returns, I can never pass it back to the tcl?

I'm left wondering about the nature of the deadlock error within proxy::exec. Is it some sort of timing issue that can be solved with a sleep command? If you have any information on how this happens, that would be greatly appreciated.

i have never seen proxy::exec leading to a deadlock. How are you handling the situation when the perl script never returns? ns_proxy (the machinery used by proxy::exec) has several timeouts [1]. Can it be that your server is running out of slaves? Are you using AOLserver or NaviServer?