Forum OpenACS Development: Package Datamanager & Photo-Album

Posted by Paco Soler on

At University of Valencia we are developing a package named "Datamanager" based on OACS 5.1 that allows to copy some objects between communities and import/export to/from other dotlrn platforms.

Now, it's only available in our test server ( and we can manage faq, news, forums, custom portlets and filestorage folders.

The next object we want to manage is photo-album. The problem are that there aren't implemented any API or PLSQL function to copy photos. The idea is to reuse the function "pa_load_images" but for this we need to get the parameter "upload_file.tmpfile" which has a form similar to "/tmp/filevDx7zu"

Anybody knows if it's possible to get a tmpfile from a file that already exists on the platform? Or it's only possible using method POST of a form (photo-add2)?

If it's not possible, anybody have some other idea?

Thanks, Paco Soler.

Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
Are you continuing the development of this package at:

There were many problems with bad implemenation of the callbacks.

Please let us know.

Posted by Paco Soler on
Hello Rocael.

The package isn't finished but I can send the last version that I have to test it. If you can show me the callback problems I would be grateful.


Hello Paco,

Luis de la Fuente knows pretty well which are the problems with the datamanager and callbacks, from what I remember they were implemented in a wrong way.
Paco, seems that you are not commiting your work at, is so, why? and how different is your actual version from the one that Luis commited at cvs?

Posted by Dario Roig on
Hi Rocael!

The development of the package has been made from the version of Luis. We needed that it works in version oacs_5_1 and we are in a hurry so that we needed it for September.

We have raised the definitive version in the CVS. Also we have verified that works in the version oacs_5_2.