Forum OpenACS CMS: Re: content repository physical folders keeps growing

Posted by Antonio Pisano on
The server is never turned off. I also often operate on it during those hours, so I am quite certain about that.

The table "cr_files_to_delete" is empty right now, but this should be correct in current situation... I should try to remove some file and check it again.

I could find the init tcl file where the proc is scheduled.

One question: beside checking the logs, in "ad_schedule_proc" docs it says I should be able to see currently scheduled procs at "/admin/monitoring/schedule-procs.tcl" location on the server, but it seems this is not true anymore. I've also tried to grep for a "schedule-procs" file, but I couldn't find any. Which is the best current method to look at currently scheduled procs on a server?