Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: What about Workflow package?

Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
Hi Antonio,

workflow is used a lot with bug-tracker to build finite state machine processes (no parallel workflows). If your process is similar to the linear form use by bug-tracker, you might be able to use it. I've had some success adapting the two packages to work together with some flexibility.
Install the two packages with their dependencies and check out the edit workflow feature.

If you have a more advanced workflow, check out acs-workflow in contrib.


Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Well, what I had in mind requires some parallelism of course:
I won't keep secrets, what I was thinking about was something to manage this

No plans right now, but I was thinking it could be a neat product, as stuff around right now is closed source...

By what you say, probably I would need something different, right?

Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
Take a look at the acs-workflow package in contrib. It can do parallelism and advanced actions.
Posted by Claudio Pasolini on
... or look at the xowf package provided by Gustaf.
Posted by Brian Fenton on
Ciao Antonio

I would definitely recommend acs-workflow. It's a great package which we've used extensively in Quest. I also know that Project Open use the Postgres version a lot too.

See this thread for some background

feel free to ask any questions!
a presto