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13: Re: util_httppost (response to 12)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
It is developing nicely. A few comments:
- the spoolsize options were added in aug last year, after the release of NaviServer 4.99.5; you can test spooling with the "tip" version of NaviServer from bitbucket, but one should wait for general use until 4.99.6 is released.
- there is already some redundancy between util::http::get and util::http::post. It would be better to implement a "util::http::request -method GET|POST|..." that does the heavy lifting, and maybe convenience methods for "get", "post" etc. on top of this when needed.
- one should use the Tcl expand operator rather than "eval".
- the result of the queue_cmd is not a queue, but a handle
- without requesting a gzipped content (via adding Accept-Encoding gzip), the result will never be gzipped.
- Currently, the list of options ot post is very long and not orthogonal. the data of the post request is either attribute/value pairs, or multipart variants "datas" or "files" if i see this correctly. I think, it would be conceptually nicer to have a "-data [util::http::data ... ]" which passes the raw data to the request. In many cases, "-data [form_vars -form ....]" will be sufficient, when the default encoding is set depending on data provided and multipart. Allowing a user to specify a raw data is certainly useful (e.g. for put requests, dav*, etc.)
- i am not sure, that the many ways specifying variables is needed (it should not part of "post" or "request".
- the "ns_zlib uncompress" does not a gunzip, the proper tcl command should be "zlib gunzip"; in case no decompressor is available, an error should be raised.
15: Re: util_httppost (response to 13)
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
I've sent you the new version by mail because I don't want to clobber the whole forum...

Let me know

All the best