Forum OpenACS Q&A: Use which versions of what packages with OpenACS 5.2.2 core?

The latest Production release of OpenACS is currently 5.2.2. But, the "openacs-5-2-2-final" CVS tag is only present on a small number of packages. 16 "acs-*" packages plus "ref-timezones" and "search" have the tag, 7 "acs-*" packages and all the rest of them do not have the tag.

The CVS info on the Wiki and in the docs doesn't seem to say anything about that. From past discussions in the Forums I know it must be design, that only the OpenACS core packages have the tag.

But, for any given list of packages, what's the best way for me to know which versions of which packages I should fetch from CVS, in order to use them with the OpenACS 5.2.2 core?

(Btw, some non-core packages, like "monitoring", have an "openacs-5-2-0b8" tag, which seems to be about the most recent such tag.)

Optional packages are tagged with openacs-5-2-compat.

You can check to see which packages have been tagged.

The optional packages are tagged when someone tests them and determines they meet a minimum quality level to be "released."

Personally, I have not been able to work on released many optional packages. I know that some volunteers have released packages that they use and feel are working satisfactorily on OpenACS 5.2.