Forum OpenACS Q&A: Fixes for Oracle 10g since OpenACS 5.1.5.x June 2005 ?

Offhand, does anyone here recall whether any notable fixes for Oracle 10g support have gone into OpenACS since version 5.1.5.x as of c. 2005-06-18 ? Or any 10g-specific fixes that were made ever, for that matter?

Reason I ask, is I'm moving an OpenACS 5.1.5.x installation from 8i to 10g, and I wonder if I'll need to backport any fixes for 10g. (I'd rather move the existing install to 10g first, then worry about upgrading OpenACS later.)

I created a comprehensive ChangeLog from the CVS for everything on the OpenACS Head, and grepped through for "10g" and the like, but didn't find much of anything. That seemed slightly odd to me, I was expecting to see some cvs log comments mentioning 10g. (Perhaps no real 10g specific fixes were necessary, that all happened for 9i?)

Hm, the latest Version Compatibility Matrix doesn't list Oracle 10g at all, only 8i and 9i. Anyone know what it should say now for 10g? Yet oddly, the 5.2 Matrix has more information, it says "Maybe" for 5.2 on 10g and "No" for 5.1. Anyone know what problems that No for 5.1 on 10g was referring to specifically?

Posted by Dave Bauer on

Off-hand, I believe 10g does not need any additional changes beyond the changes for 9i compatibility.

Posted by madhu s on

you might need to change this line in OACS5.2 code


proc db_bootstrap_checks { errors error_p } {


regexp {^[0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]} [ns_set value $selection 0] match


that can only match 9i
apart from that i don't see any problem to run oacs


You also need to adapt version comparison -- for 10g (, OpenACS picks up "10.2.0", and because this and "8.1.6" don't look like number, Tcl does a (dictionary) string comparison.

See and its fix, patch # 800.