Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Problem with sending out the email-address-verification email for new users (needs a package; exploring.)

Hi Jim,

i am pretty sure, this comes from tcllib. what version of tcllib are you using from OpenACS? in case, you have xotcl-core installed, you see the used version it via: http://yourhost/xotcl/version-numbers

Checked VERY carfully already, it's not there.

It is here tho:

I did this in the trf source dir:

mkdir build
cd build
../configure --prefix=(my prefix) --with-tcl=(my prefix)/lib
make install

I compiled (there's no C code in tcllib, so can't be there) it, installed it, it got past that.

New issue: something's trying to call ds_init which doesn't appear to be there... let's see, where does that come from... developer-support? I'm looking...

> Checked VERY carfully already, it's not there.

The question is, what "it" is. i count 15 occurrences of "package require Trf" in tcllib 1.15, most of these are in a catch. It might be the case that you have an older version of tcllib installed, or it might be the case that you have some other package installed that does the "require" command without catch. in case you have a recent version of tcllib and the error is triggered from there, writing a bug report/patch for the tcllib people might be useful.

if you refer to "it" to the trf package: trf is a binary package, so this per definition not part of tcllib.


Yes, trf is the "it" which is not present in tcllib...

Yes, it is a binary package, tcllib doens't have any binaries

Anyway, yeah, I'll try a newer tcllib if there is one.

Still looking for ds_init, it's starting to look like it's been removed from developer support, not sure about that yet.

Gonna run an errand and come back to this.


tcllib should not raise an error, when a binary package is not here. What version of tcl are you using?
ds_init comes from (is defined in) the developer support. It is called from the request processor (acs-tcl/tcl/request-processor-procs.tcl), protected by a "catch". What version of OpenACS are you using exactly?