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4: Re: Tcl Web Service (response to 2)
Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Michal

I don't envy you - the world of SOAP is a world of pain! I've heard that xotcl-soap is a good solution, but I haven't tried it. I have used the TCL SOAP package from within OpenACS, but as a client not a server. I found it a well written and useful package, but as I said, I found the SOAP world very painful, especially when dealing with Microsoft services. I believe that REST is far more popular these days. See for example

Once you have everything compiled properly, you just need to add these lines in /web/server/tcl/0-acs-init.tcl

package require SOAP
package require SOAP::https
#package require SOAP::WSDL
package require tls
package require tdom

good luck!

5: Re: Tcl Web Service (response to 4)
Posted by Michal Hanckowiak on
Thanks Gustaf and Brian for your answers ;);

tclws toolkit is working perfectly for me as a standalne serwer, I didtn tested it under AOLserver, but I will try to do it...

I know about tclsoap package...
unfortunately, it is a very old package and it is using only old "rpc/encoded" style of WebService,
this is the reason why it does not work with
contemporary webservices using "document/literal" style;

tclws is much more modern, is using document/literal style,
and it automatically generates WSDL files...
I tested it with a good result, with WS toolkits:
java/Axis 1, gSOAP,, ...

I know that WS/REST is simpler than WS/SOAP/WSDL but
the second also has some advantages,
for example under java/axis it is very easy to use a webservice by its wsdl file (authomatically generated java stub)


best regards,
Michal Hanckowiak