Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Registering does everything, but it does not redirect to a page that says "check your mail for verification link"

Hi jim.

I can confirm that the behavior is/was not correct when RegistrationRequiresEmailVerificationP or RegistrationRequiresApprovalP was set. The reply was sent via util_user_message, but this message was never displayed, since the user was logged out (causing a reset of the session_id). I have changed now in the oacs-5-8 branch the delivery mechanism of the message. For details see here:

In this process, i found one more bug, where the message of a ad_returnredirect was not shown on the target page, because it was already consumed from the template of the redirecting page.

I wonder, how long this was already broken. Many thanks for reporting.

You're welcome; and yes I needed a fix for this myself, and I also thought it was important to keep up with the legal thing, at least in the US so that the system knows that when people sign up, they own the email address.

In answer to your question, I believe it was working in 5.7.

Other than this, when I was working on this, I wanted to get thru the code and find the problem; a lot of things confused me. Could you say more about what you did leading to you discovering what the problem was?


PS, two issues remain:

1 when deleting a user permanently from /acs-admin/users/one, it deletes the user properly and then (I guess as redirecting?) says "You don't have permission to admin ."; admin is still logged in, as evidenced by visiting other pages, I can get to the admin-protected pages, and I still see the developer support panel.

2 (as observed by a registering user) the system sends two emails right away, the verify email and the "here's how you log in, here's how you change your passwd" email; I would have thought the second email should only be sent once the user clicks on the verify link.

Almost forgot to say: the change to user-new.tcl had the desifed effect, that is, when the user hits OK on the reg form, it redirects properly to the page that has the user check his/her email.

One thing about the change confused me, I was wondering whether you removed the call to export_vars because it was unnecessary? Does X always equal [export_vars -base X] for any replacement for X?

Dave Bauer: I noticed the cvs shows that you put the export_vars call there (see Gustaf's link above), and I wanted to find out what was your thoughts developmentwise and stylewise? Is it, for example, that you want to put an export_vars on anything that's a URL? Do you want it there so that you can later add vars to export thru the url?


Regarding the delete issue... as a test, I commented out the whole if statement (with the delete commands) in /packages/acs-admin/www/users/selece-user.tcl, and then tried to delete the user using that interface, and the result was, it came back to the /acs-admin/one page correctly -- since the to-be-deleted user still existed.

This suggests there is something wrong with the page flow: if the user is to be deleted, the return url should not point at one.tcl, instead, maybe it should go one page back, to the list of users, /acs-admin/users/complex-search with whatever parameters were originally fed to it.


A much easier possibility is for de;eting to redirect to /acs-admin/users, which doesn't need parameters.