Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Issues with big upgrade

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The issue is/was the change in PostgreSQL versions rather than the OpenACS upgrade. As Claudio wrote, the recommended approach is first to upgrade with PostgreSQL 8.* to OpenACS 5.8 and then dump/restore in PostgreSQL 9 and continue.

We did not adapt the kernel update scripts for pg.9 since this would break upgrades for installations with earlier OpenACS/pg-versions (there are really many old and working installations in the free wild). The easy rule is that with OpenACS 5.8, the support for PostgreSQL 9.* begins.

I can't comment on the the language issue, but you it seems from your comments, that this was a local configuration issue.

Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Very well, all went as it was meant to be then. I will keep in mind the right procedure when I'm going to do this in production.

Thanks to both!