Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Postgres driver in Naviserver

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Joshua,

this error message from Solaris has nothing to do with the postgres driver. If one is compiling a program from multiple sources, all components have to be compiled with the same pointer size (32bit or 64 bit). As written in [1] the script compiles NaviServer and its the components with 64 bit. If you compile NaviServer modules yourself (i.e. outside the script), and you want to load these into a 64bit NaviServer, use 'export CC="gcc -m64"' and recompile the additional components again to get 64bit components.

best regards
-gustaf neumann


Posted by Joshua Barton on
Thank you for your response, I will try and verify that all of the components are using 64 bit components. Thanks gustaf

-josh barton