Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Res: Re: Univ. of Valencia is running OACS 5.1 with Postgres 8.1.3 in our production server

Hello, Alex!

Our numbers (average):

Users: 60000 students, 3500 teachers
Classes: 8000
Simultaneous connections: 200

Aolserver: Debian AMD-64 Opteron (2 CPU) 1.6 MHz
Aolserver 4.0.10
Postgres: Debian AMD-64 Opteron (4 CPU) 2.0 MHz
Postgres 8.1.3


Jose, thanks for the quick response!

Ok, so we are finishing this up, and im thinking we do not have the bandwidth demand that you can probably see in Gustaf's or your own setup.

Id assume gustaf has a pc per student, and they all are on a high speed connection (i mean, 20,000 online exersises per hour...theyve all gotta be clicking like rabbits).

In Valencia probably they also have this kind of setup (lots of in-campus connectivity)

Our setup will be quite different, we probably will have most users connecting from outside the university, and we have a limited bandwith at that (about 50MBit).

So this brings me to ask, whats the bandwith demmand you have in your setup?

I mean, at the peak hour are you filling up a couple of GigaBits?, a couple of megabits?, less than a megabit?

This can help me estimate that we need more bandwith (for example), or more horsepower, depending on our own budget limitations.