Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Permission Error on new install when installing package

yes, the place looks correct.

Just to be sure: is this really the config file you are using to start the server? Per default, the install script of [1] installs the startup script to ${ns_install_dir}/config-${oacs_service}.tcl, which is /usr/local/ns/config-${oacs_service}.tcl per default, and not in /var/www. There is nothing wrong about installing it there. I find it just hard to believe, that setting the parameter has no effect on querying the parameter later (via [ns_config ns/parameters tmpdir]).

In case, this was the file used for startup, replace in your build-dir naviserver-4.99.6/nsd/nsmain.c by, cd to naviserver-4.99.6, and do there a "root make install". After this, start your server; you should early during startup in the log file a line containing "get tmpdir".

[06/Jul/2014:13:07:44][4863.7fff777a7310][-main-] Notice: get tmpdir - config value 0x7f8b8d83fbb0 </tmp>
What do you get? What version of Ubuntu are you using?


I updated the wrong config file.

After I updated:

It worked.

Thank you for your help.