Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Help with openacs installing

Posted by Jim Lynch on
Yes, -and- these API calls should work in tcl-8.5 as well.


Posted by Bjoern Kiesbye on
Hi Jim,

I updated the patch to use the new tcl API, at one point I had to use the Function Tcl_ObjPrintf, which is available in tcl8.5/.6 only, As the function is not available in tcl8.4 I wrapped it in a #if which checks the tcl version, and in case a the tcl version is 8.4 or lower snprintf is used instead.


+ Tcl_SetObjResult(interp, Tcl_ObjPrintf("%lu", peercert == NULL ? 0 : X509_get_version(peercert) + 1));
+ snprintf(&buf, sizeof(buf), "%lu", peercert == NULL ? 0 : X509_get_version(peercert) + 1);
+ Tcl_SetResult(interp, buf, TCL_VOLATILE);