Forum OpenACS Q&A: toward an os agnostic install script.. for freebsd?


Naviserver isn't available for installing openacs on freebsd 10 via /usr/ports.

This seems like a good opportunity to modify[1]. I will contribute a revision once tested.


How to install zlib requirement and reference it in the naviserver build?



# ls -d1 /usr/ports/*/*zlib*


Apparently zlib is part of the base system since FreeBSD release 9.1, so I'll assume naviserver finds it for now..
Dear Ben,

i'am not sure, what your question is. The zlib dependency is handled in naviserver/m4/zlib.m4 and checks for the include file and one of the needed functions.

The handling of zlib in freebsd seems to be a common problem [1]. I would expect one should be able to find an appropriate .m4 snippet and/or configure flags to check at thre right places.



Dear Gustaf,

I agree, I don't know what my question was either!

This appears to be a bit of readahead pre-query drivel posted by a tired mind in anticipation encountering a problem before a specific error condition exists.

Sorry for the noise and happy for any laugh that comes out of it.