Forum OpenACS Q&A: New features in XoTcl OO interface

Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Hello everyone,

as result from the discussion that can be found here, XoTcl interface will now automatically add new columns to the data model when it finds that new attributes have been added to the object's definition.

No further speculation will be made, so altering/deleting an attribute which was already defined won't trigger any action.

The intended scope of this feature is to reduce the need of upgrade scripts for the most common scenario of attributes added because of development of new functionalities.

Also, togheter with usual procedural API to check for table and column existance, people using xotcl-core will find new procedures in ::xo::db::sql::util namespace to check for table, columns, index and view existance. From my tests, the new procs are around 5 times faster than the procedural ones.

Best regards