Forum OpenACS Development: New ::Generic::List class for easier list UIs

Hello everyone,

as I needed a faster way to build list user interfaces for my objects, I developed and committed a ::Generic::List class.

I know we already have OO ways to build lists, but this class was built around acs_objects recalling and addressing the most common use cases I ever had to face.

It was built in the same spirit of its companion ::Generic::Form by Gustaf and it wraps the well known procedural API template::list::create.

To work, it needs a class name in input, that must be a subclass of acs_object. After elements, filters and orderby specification, the object is capable of building a paginated list with little or no interaction with the db by the developer. Some common tasks, like the creation of the super boring CRUD buttons, has been automated too.

In class's documentation I have included a little example coming directly from my project. Feel free to give your feedbacks.

Best regards