Forum OpenACS Development: Re: New util::zip_file command

Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Well, the utility actually implies the presence of the bash shell on every platform different from Windows... Mac OS should not be a problem, but I cannot speak about Solaris...

I haven't checked throughly about zip command compatibility, because I assumed the options I've used would be there in every current zip tool one could download.

This said, your concerns are legit. The main problem is that we are wrapping a command here, and that this command lacks a feature so basic we have to build a little script every time... very unconvenient.

Didn't know about nx::zip. It would be far better of course! Maybe I could use the same trick we did on util::http and check for the platform: if Naviserver -> nx::zip, otherwise the command hack.

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
i was more concerned about (a) the availability of the zip+unzip programs on various systems (who cares, it get installed) and (b) about the version dependencies (are the sematics and flgs of zip / unzip identical over all versions)) and (c) for the further consequences (installer scripts, debian). Such things then to become forgotten.