Forum OpenACS Development: error: can't read errorInfo .. with_finally acs_mail_lite::sweeper

After server reboot following installation of db model, error.log shows the following error:

15/Oct/2014:23:27:54][93311.805419400][-sched:7-] Error: can't read "errorInfo": no such variable
can't read "errorInfo": no such variable
while executing
"set s_errorInfo $errorInfo"
(procedure "with_finally" line 7)
invoked from within
"with_finally -code {
db_foreach get_queued_messages {} {
# check if record is already there and free to use
(procedure "acs_mail_lite::sweeper" line 8)
invoked from within
"$proc {*}$args"
(procedure "ad_run_scheduled_proc" line 40)
invoked from within
"ad_run_scheduled_proc {{t f 61 acs_mail_lite::sweeper {} 1413415613 0 f}}"
while executing callback
ns:tclschedproc ad_run_scheduled_proc {{t f 61 acs_mail_lite::sweeper {} 1413415613 0 f}}

Installation follows script from (tweaked for freebsd).

Reboots show the same error immediately after log "Notice: starting"

Is anyone else seeing this (is it a bug)?

Ubuntu works without error. :-/

Freebsd version doesn't install xotcl or xowiki because xotcl build is broken; AFAICT xotcl is not required with acs-core. That's the only overt difference.

Besides the later error in Freebsd nsd log, after installing the data model and the server initiates shutdown there are these warnings:

[-main-] Warning: sched: timeout waiting for sched exit
[-main-] Notice: [driver:nssock]: stopped
[-main-] Notice: nsproxy: shutdown started
[-main-] Warning: nsproxy: timeout waiting for reaper exit
[-main-] Notice: nsproxy: shutdown complete
[-nsproxy:reap-] Notice: exiting

That appears to be the most visible differences.

Dear Ben,

It seems to me as if the problem here is that the overall OpenACS cleanup was quite effective, maybe too effective: The code in with_finally (in acs-tcl) assumes, that the global variable errorInfo always exists. If it does not exist, it throws the error. So, the relation to xotcl is very vague (maybe there is a call in the xotcl startup that sets as a side effect this variable).

The problem should go away with the patch [1].

Hope this helps


Thank you, Gustaf.

The local build issue of xotcl2 (nsf2) appears to be due to Freebsd10 having clang (not gcc) installed by default. I'm installing gcc since install-ns specifies CC=gcc for it; if only to keep the build consistent with development experience.

I've removed the CC=gcc line for the xotcl-builds in git. This is probably not needed anymore, since some target platforms are configured with appropriate CC definitions anyway.
Thank you, Gustaf.

Just checked nsf2 built fine with clang; nsd log shows successful load.

Now to test 5.8.0 beta!