Forum OpenACS Development: including /packages/forums/lib/forums-portlet, invalid command name #


In oacs-5-8, when calling /packages/forums/lib/forums-portlet

am getting

invalid command name while executing "#...

It's called via adp page:

<include src="/packages/forums/lib/forums-portlet" package_id="@instance_id@" n="3">

It seems to be a util_memoize issue, but maybe I'm setting it up wrong. I'm new with using *-portlets.

Quoting a list of lists as a string and feeding it back into a process that treats it as a list seems prone to breaking in all sorts of ways.

Locally I fixed this by bypassing util_memoize:

set new_topics_ds [db_list_of_lists new_topics { *sql* } ]
set hot_topics_ds [db_list_of_lists hot_topics { *sql } ]

0 seconds is default cache anyway. If I need to cache, can use the cache_key arg that is part of db procs.


Hi Benjamin,

I committed a version of the file that avoids caching through util_memoize and uses the caching mechanisms of the db_* api as you previously suggested. If you have the chance please update your copy and give it a try =).


Done. Thank you, Victor.