Forum OpenACS Development: OpenACS 5.8.1

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
As you have seen most likely, OpenACs 5.8.1 is now released. All of the glitches of the beta were sorted out in the final release.

We had to be fast, in order to have the chance to make it into the forthcoming "jessie" release of Debian. Hector Romojaro (formed UNED) volunteered to work on the release work for Debian. The new version had to be in the release queue for Debian by today, the final decision for inclusion is on Nov. 5. Big thanks from my side to Hector!

The released tar file contains just oacs-core, since all other install steps can be performed online via "install from repository". This includes as well the install for DotLRN. That should work now quite well on all platforms by using the new util::http interface contributed by Antonio Pisano. For package contributors, we have the upload workflow reachable via the OpenACS package manager, once an .apm file has been created.

The announcement lists primarily the changes in acs-core. please check the Changelog for changes in the packages outside of acs-core.

In the next few days, all changes from the oacs-5-8 branch will be moved into the HEAD branch, where regular development will continue.