Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Invalid command name "ns_httpsget"

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Iuri, the client-side ns_httpsget command is part of nsopenssl. Naviserver does not use seem to use nsopenssl at all, instead it has the nsssl module.

Unlike nsopenssl, the nsssl module does not include any extra Tcl code, but it does appear to implement client-side support (in C) in its ns_ssl Tcl command. And it looks as if OpenACS does use ns_ssl in its util::http::* commands, so Gustaf is of course correct that you should try that stuff first. (Did it work for you?)

Btw, if you need client-side cookie support, way back in 2003 tclwebtest had it. It was fairly easy to copy the relevant small amount of Tcl code and modify it to work in AOLserver and OpenACS. With that sort of cookie support, I was able to e.g. make AOLserver log into an OpenACS site. Maybe there are better solutions by now.

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Small addition: in case, nsssl is NOT configured, util::http::get uses curl. -gn