Forum OpenACS Development: Re: openacs 5.5.1 with postgres 9.3

Posted by Agustín Francesa on
Dear community, Michael and Antonio.

Thanks for your comments, they are very usefull.

We found another issue, it was the bytea_output variable, to migrate a database from postgres 8.4 to postgres 9.3 is necesary to set the bytea_output variable to "scape". The lob_data table does not work with bytea_output hex (default value in this variable).

So, now we are working with openACS 5.5, .LRN 2.5 and postgresql 9.3

Thanks again.

All the best,

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

interestingly, we did not see these problems on our installations. if possible, write a short paragraph about the symptom ant the cure to

many thanks