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Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
nest-1.0 released (2014-11-30) - alias/forward, inst/decl mode, class/object aliases, struct/slot, template/pair - 322 lines of code

    alias {object} with_mode {inst} nest {type_helper}

    alias {class} with_mode {decl} nest

    meta {class} {class {object}} {struct} {
        varchar name
        varchar type
        varchar nsp
        varchar default_value = ""

        multiple struct slot = {} {
            varchar name
            varchar type
            varchar meta
            varchar default_value = ""
            bool optional_p = false
            varchar container = ""

        varchar pk
        bool is_final_if_no_scope


    template {pair} {typefirst typesecond} {
        ${typefirst} {first}
        ${typesecond} {second}
    } {type_helper}

PS. Before the chicken and the egg, it was the nest.