Forum OpenACS Development: Performance comparison of base64 encoders

Maybe, someone finds this information useful:

i did a quick comparison of the various options for base64 codecs. It shows that NaviServer's built-in ns_base64encode is very fast: it is up to a factor of 1.000 faster than the Tcl-only version of base64::encode, and even a factor of 10 faster than base64::encode based on Trf (Trf 2.1.4). While a big difference relative to the plain Tcl version is expected, the improvement over the C-based Trf is remarkable.

The results are measured with the latest version of NaviServer from bitbucket under Mac OS X 10.9.5.

Using ns_base64encode reduces the external dependencies and is by far the fastest version.

all the best

		tcllib:	      134.713824 microseconds 
		tcllib+trf:     4.561536 microseconds 
		ns:		0.541651 microseconds 

		tcllib:	     1281.819696 microseconds 
		tcllib+trf:    16.93683  microseconds 
		ns:		1.517516 microseconds 
		tcllib:	    12638.85578 microseconds 
		tcllib+trf:   143.11120 microseconds		
		ns:	       11.08016 microseconds

		tcllib:	   127344.794553 microseconds
		tcllib+trf:  1423.021879 microseconds
		ns:	      113.504248 microseconds


foreach i {10 100 1000 10000} {
   set s [string repeat 0123456789 $i]
   lappend _ size=[string length $s]
   lappend _ tcllib:[time {base64::encode $s} 1000]
   lappend _ ns:[time {ns_base64encode $s} 1000]
join $_ \n