Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Strange behavior with AOLserver on Ubuntu 14.04

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

regarding 1: google's results depend on the search string :) needless to say that i found link 2 via google.
regarding 2: the appropriate way to report a bug in a debian package is to submit a bug report to the debian maintainer. especially, when there is a fix, this is usually quickly integrated. There is also a debian package for naviserver [1]
regarding 3: an installation based on [2] can be shorter than the current one and works on more platforms
regarding 4: PO should move towards PG 9.* and to towards pg8.*. I've sent patches to install intranet-hr under pg9.3 in oct 2013 (including notifications, intranet-core, acs-workflow, intranet-dynfield)


Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
regarding 2: Yeah, but I'm not sure what exactly is the fix, as I had to use the HEAD version of AOLserver, nssha1, nspostgres and nscache to get it working. Not what i would recommend to the Debian maintainer.
regarding 3: Yes... I was actually using this one as a reference point for my installation instructions at Maybe Frank can look into making a more generic version available.
regarding 4: I assume those patches run on top of OpenACS 5.8 and work with Naviserver? Then it would be great to get them, as haven't seen them incorporated into ]project-open[ yet (
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
the recommendation to the debian-maintainer should be: please upgrade to the lasted, fixed version from cvs.

regarding the last point: the changes have nothing to do with naviserver, but to bring po to the same level as oacs (e.g fix old-style sql quoting, get rid of deprecated functions, make po installable from scratch with pg 9.3, etc. my hope was mostly, to get the free PO components installable via repository, similar as dotlrn is now installable via repo, but this seems still a longer way.