Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Re: Solution Grove Releases Web 2.0 Page Demo and Tutorials

Hi Claudio,

The problem you discovered with developer support is a bit odd because the index.adp and index.tcl files do not use the regular acs templates. Thanks for the info, though, I'll give it a look.

The google map key works only in the URL that you registered with. For me when I test on my dev box, I get a javascript message that the Google API key is not being used in the correct url. The API key I registered was meant to be used in, so when I run it from a different URL I get the said javascript error.

On IE, once the javascript error is encountered, the whole thing stops and does not continue.

On firefox, however, you will get further because firefox ignores and notes the error in the javascript console and proceeds with the rest of the javascript.

I hope this helps.