Forum OpenACS Q&A: Updating the Package Dependency Files


I believe there is some mechanism for controlling the package dependency hierarchy when installing from /acs-admin/install.

OACS 5.2 was released Dec 2005 but still there are package dependencies that have not been updated (for example I cant install Forums on to 5.2 without having to install from CVS -

I dont think it is right to ask "OACS users" to install packages from CVS (otherwise what's the point of /acs-admin/install ?) Note that I'm talking about "OACS users" here rather than "OACS developers" who are familiar with all the internals, I count myself as an OACS user.

Please someone point me in the direction of which files to edit to control the package dependency hierarchy, I will update them so that the Forums package can be installed onto 5.2


Posted by Mohammad Al-Ghazali on
I believe that you can now install the forum application along with the Attachment from the "Install from Repository". I've just install it a few minutes ago,thanks to Michael.