Forum OpenACS Development: host_node_map not working after postgres upgrade

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We are having issues with subdomains we have mapped using the host-node map functionality. We just upgraded to Postgres 9 and OpenACS 5.8.0 and the mappings stopped working.

When the subdomain URL is being requested, the user is not directed to the correct URL. We thinking it's related to an interaction between naviserver and nginx.

Has anyone encountered this or had issues with host-node mappings recently?

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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
What is your setup and what are the exact symptoms?

In oder to understand, what kind of problem you might have faced, i set up a simple host-node map with a frsh hostname "hugo" directing to a subsite node "ss". When i surved to "hugo", the browser went into a redirect loop. It turned out that (a) i was not logged in at the subsite, and (b) the subsite did not have read permissions for the public. after granting on the subsite "ss" read permissions to the public, everthing seems fine.