Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How can I find the code that picks up packages from cvs?

Not sure if this is up to date but as far as I can say openacs packages are gzipped tarball archive files, i.e.

tar cf somepackage.tar somepackage/
gzip somepackage.tar
mv somepackage.tar.gz somepackage.apm

You are not by any chance referring to fetching packages from the repository to be installed in an openacs instance, are you? In that case, I think Gustaf recently reworked util::http::get or some such to use curl:

Posted by Jim Lynch on
Heya Neophytos, long time.

From what I understand, there are three separate phases,

1, openacs developers decide to release a particular version or a package, so they twg it in some way;

2, something (maybe people, maybe code) looks for all the tags, "checkout"s those tags, and builds packages out of the code that emerges and inserts those packages into an area; and

3, the person who installs openacs decides to install a certain package, and looks for it in the area marked for their version of openacs.

I'm looking for 2.