Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How can I find the code that picks up packages from cvs?

So, yes, we should come up with something new along these lines, and, we should have something soon; Lars' code has been working stable for a long time.

One question you may have, is if this code is completed and applied, should we just stop and accept that? No, as there are new and good ideas in the mix.

Why did I comment out most of the proc? Because I'm just starting, and having something that "does something" is good for testing and debugging.

305 repos. One way to go would be to take the packages dir of openacs-core, and split all the packages out, each into their own repo. That would make it more consistant. Openacs-core git repo should have an empty packages dir, then later if you still want openacs-core tarball, you can put that together by extracting each package from the repo, and putting the package files into a tarball staging area with the openacs-core infrastructure (with etc, packages and the others) and just tar it up.

Right now, I'm wondering what the channel names are, so I can feed them into package extraction and building, so they get their right version and channel.

Having heard there's no volunteer help for this (too bad, hope we can generate more), I thought I'd jump in and see what could be done, if only in the interrim. My feeling was, we need something, and soon (if not yesterday),

Also, I'm not sure if git submodules is the best thing, maybe git subtree is a better choice. More later, and, I think I need to learn more about how to do preliminary planning, I tend to see something and start generating code right away.

More later