Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How can I find the code that picks up packages from cvs?

Malte, do you have the switching code and refetching code of following bullet point implemented in the package manager?

- users who want to adapt the code: it would be nice to switch from a "tar checkout" to a "git checkout" via a click in the package manager and to contribute code back also via package manager.

do you use just branches or as well tags? if one pulls via branches one might get work in progress rather than "releases".

is there any reason beyond historic ones that you us git submodules and not subtree?

Nope, instead i have a "" which is being called from a new link in the APM to update to the latest code of the master package. This would in turn update all submodules to the corresponding versions.

In theory though adding the link to check out the master for each submodule should be fairly easy, yet it isn't really the switch from tar checkout to git checkout that is mentioned above. It would require a git submodule to be in place.

I only use branches to be honest as I import the tags from CVS (the code which moves CVS code to git adds branches and TAGS) and I don't need additional tags for my workflow, especially if you work with submodules and point to actual commits for each package.

As for subtree, I actually started with subtree (and still have a version with subtree in place). Yet I ran into issues with custom packages with client specific code and the main repository which contains all the subtrees and keep that in sync with the various branches for development, testing and production. Ultimately I gave up and switched to submodules, never looking back. But I do have code which transforms ]project-open[ and OpenACS into ONE repository using subtree as well (if that is of interest).