Forum .LRN Q&A: moving the post login page

Posted by Matthew Coupe on
Hi there,
I'm trying to give users of our dotLRN the choice of where they login (which community) through a dropdown menu on the login screen. I've seen this done in various implementations of dotLRN and was wondering how best to do it.
We are running dotLRN 2.1.1 and I have managed to add the dropdown menu to the login page but have so far been unable to use these parameters for this purpose. The file in questions is in acs-subsite\lib\login.tcl.
It could be a problem with my lack of knowledge in using data submitted through openacs forms. I can't seem to grab the parameter from the form.
This is my code to add the field to the form where $login_destinations is a list of the destinations they can go to.

ad_form -extend -name login -form {
{label "Please Select"}
{options $login_destinations}

I hope someone knows what I am getting at here and can help me out!