Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS and Google Summer of Code 2006

Posted by Dave Bauer on
I think OpenACS/.LRN should particiapte in Google Summer of Code 2006.

We can apply until May 1.

What we need is a list of ideas that could be completed in 2 months or so, by one developer along with an experienced developer and the whole community, acting as mentor.

I will help organize and prepare the application for the OpenACS/.LRN organization if there is interest in folks acting as mentor and we have students willing to particiapte.

I can have some student with newbie experience of .LRN working on this.
Posted by Dave Bauer on

Sounds great.

Each grant is for $5000 ($4500 for student, $500 for mentoring organization) so the "ideas" should fit into a project of that range and take a student about 2 months to complete.

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Definitely OpenACS should participate in the SoC. (I think we missed it last year.)

I'm willing to serve as a mentor for a student interested in my World's Best Integrated Email-List Archive Software proposal, or possibly for other projects instead if that one doesn't get any takers.

Whoever's organizing this for OpenACS, if you want that Email-List Archive idea written up better or whatever, please ping me and/or Carl Robert Blesius, as I know he was also willing to put time into that project.

Posted by Matthew Burke on
I have a few project ideas I'm writing up and some students who might be interested. I think I can also persuade the college to put a few students up in the dorms if we had outside people who'd like to come here to work.

Dave, should I email you the proposals? Do you need help putting our application together?


Posted by Dave Bauer on

Sounds good. I would appreciate help completing the application. Feel free to post the ideas here or to email me.

I'm reading the faq for mentors, and I think the following makes this discussion moot:

April 24, 2006:
- All mentoring organizations must have submitted their interest to Google due by 08:00 Pacific Daylight Time

Hopefully there's a work-around....

Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
Has someone sent out the email? We need to coordinate.