Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Re: How to create IMS/SCORM Content Package Course

Posted by Christian Fuchs on
Ernie I have the same error message and I think I followed the instructions in your tutorial.

We have following apps:
Installed Packages

Type [ Application | Service ]
Package Version
Bulk Mail 0.5.1d7
Calendar 2.1.0b4
Content Management System 5.1d
Curriculum 1.5
Curriculum Central 0.4.1d
Curriculum Tracker 0.1d
dotFOLIO 0.3
dotFOLIO UI 0.3
dotLRN 2.2.0a1
dotLRN Admin 2.2.0a1
dotLRN Homework 2.2.0a1
Edit This Page 1.8
Evaluation 0.2d
FAQ 5.2.0d4
File Storage 5.2.2
Forums 1.2.0d2
General Comments 4.6.2
Lars Blogger 2.2.0
Logger 1.1b4
LORS Management 0.7d
News 5.2.0d5
News Aggregator 0.9d
Notifications 5.2.0
Organization 0.5d4
Photo Album 5.2.3
Project Manager 3.1d23
Room Reservation 0.4d1
Search 5.2.2
Survey 5.0.1
User Profile 2.1.2
User Tracking 0.1d3

Hi All!!

I have the same problem now. the same error message.
I installed all Lors packages.
I installed UnZip-5.50 and I set the PATH with the command Unzip.

I need adittional Software?
how that error was solucionated?

Please Help me.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by john zhang on
As we can see, there are not just one problems for the new comers of the community to work easily with dotlrn, I would suggest that if we the new users of dotlrn could come together to do the following:

1) On the Wiki area, we can set up a question and answer list so that easily solved problems can be highlighted and resolved. For example, as a FreeBSD user, I spent a lot hours figuring out how to install dotlrn/ACS using ports. Now, my notes would save hours for other dotlrn new users but would be rubbish for the experts.

2) For some commonly-seen problems for the new users, we can come up with some small funds (from individual users) to hire experts to come up with recipes of solving these problems. Many small funds together can be decent amount of $ to hire experts. These recipes should be put in the section of the new users so that the increasing new users can easily find them, and experts won't be bothered with the unfresh ideas.

The vitality of a healthy community depends on both experienced experts and new users: the formers lay solid foundations while the later let the community grow. I really believe this software is the greatest among those I've seen both in CMS area in general and in VLE in particular. Yet, to be really good at it needs a lot of time and belief.

As a new user, I wholeheartedly thank all those who have done, and have beening, wonderful job both in pioneer mood and in strengthening moode. I especially thank those who have helped me many times.

On the other hand, we new users should also think of a way to contribute to our community in one way or the other: either on the technical level, organization level, or financial level.

Just some general thoughts and sorry not directly related to your questions.



One reason for that problem can be that the size of the SCORM package is bigger than the size the AOLServer can manage by default. If I'm not wrong, the default for AOLServer 4.0 is 1 MB.

To set it to a bigger amount (e.g. 64MB), you can add/modify the following parameter in the config.tcl file of AOLServer.
ns_param maxinput [expr 64 * 1024 * 1024]

Hope this helps,


thanks! do you know why the permission has a problem? I installed it. when i try to use it, it says I'm not allowed. so i cheched the permission area. I have all the permission there!
Hi Olga.

I modify the config.tcl and I tried with many (whit several sizes) ... but same error message.

Some Idea?

Thanks very much.