Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Does XoWiki support pages in multiple languages apart English and German?

the pages can be in any language. The catalog files (defining the message codes and translations of buttons, menu entries etc.) are currently just in English, German and Spanish. Everybody can add message codes for additional languages without programming.
I've prepared files with locale translation for some packages. Must I use instruction from to commit them?

To commit to CVS you need write permission for CVS, which you don't have. Probably the simplest is to open a new "bug" on the issue tracker of type "enhancement" and attach the files like a patch.

I'm not sure about my progression. I've created
- New patch with attached file
- New bug type "enhancement" . It contains link to patch.

Could you please clarify what the next step I have to do to go on?

the changes are already committed to the HEAD (development) verison of OpenACS and will be part of the next release.

Many thanks!

Thanks. I have a couple of questions:
1. Who will change the Status for Bug and Patch?
2. For next patches should I use the same procedure as before?
The usual workflow is: A user opens an issue, a code maintainer (core member) changes the code and "resolves" the issue, then the person opening the issue can close or reopen it. The summary is given on this page:

yes, please, same procedure. after a several good contributions contributors can obtain also write permissions for the code repository. Small change for the next time: please open issue not on the "OpenACS Site bugs" but on "OpenACS bugs" (see