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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
I would like to hear about your OpenACS development environment.

Which standard setup should we recommend to new users?

If we provide a virtual machine with everything installed to learn OpenACS, which editor(s) should be included?

Is Emacs still the primary OpenACS SDK?

Should we tell people coming from the windows/java web development worlds to start learning Emacs?

Has anyone tried using Eclipse to develop OpenACS applications? Komodo?

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Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
standard setup??? you mean installation and configuration??

I guess the virtual machine will be a good thing, but won't that make us distant from the shell command, the place from we learn more?

alhtough, it would be nice if we had something more interactive like a homesite, or dreamweaver, a lot to ask by the way!!!:)

Since I started working with oacs, i use emacs editor, I get used to.

although i get lost sometimes with oacs, I'm pretty sure , i'm learn a lot not only oacs enviroment but also unix/linux eviroment.

Eclipse and Komodo, can they be used to oacs development?

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Posted by Steve Manning on
I used to use Eclipse with a TCL highlighting plugin. Worked OK but you couldn't help but notice its Java pedigree. I use Komodo at home and since version 3 its been very good. Can still be a bit sluggish at times but the TCL syntax prompting is useful - I like tabbed editors.

I've never really got on with Emacs. Too much like hard work trying to learn all those idiosyncracies. I want to be able to point at a file and open it to edit not wade through loads of panels trying to find things. As for Vi - reminds me too much of the DOS edlin command - whats wrong with just being able to edit things.

If you want a lightweight TCL syntax highlighting editor then FTE is quite useful. I use it across our ssh connections when I need to work on a server.

- Steve