Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Re: dotFolio Portfolios in a separate subsite and not in main subsite

Nick Carroll says: "... but there was good reason to. Dotfolio is meant to be a [1] student centric tool, and therefore should be situated externally to dotlrn. DotLRN is course centric, in that resources only exist for the duration of a course, before they are either reset or archived.

Having dotfolio mounted [2] externally to dotlrn means that students ..."

Reading this comment I get confused. Argument [1] shows the assumption that dotFOLIO is meant to be used in dotlearn while argument [2] supports independent use. I am actually using dotFOLIO in a non-dotlearn openACS site for groups (classes as well as project-groups). My experience is, that although it may be meant to be used student centered, dotFOLIO serves very well in groups. And that the possibility of subsite-mounting would help the organization of my OACS-site. On the other hand, I get the impression that I could organise things better if I had access to some admin (or on what the roles of advisers, owners, guests and staff are meant to be).