Forum OpenACS Development: Re: AMS package ams_options

Posted by Matthew Geddert on
1; Agreed. Once the limit is reach that person (or more likely large organization) can deal with it.

2; At least my school needs a mime_type for richtext widgets, textboxes or textareas could be stored as plain text (the way the rest of the system does). Anybody that doesn't use the javascript richtext widgets would likely want mime type storage as well. If only richtexts had it, I don't think it would add too many columns. Converting from text/html to other formats (such as text/plain, text/enhanced, text/textile or text/wiki) conversion isn't foolproof, the other way around does work consistently.

3; I'm thinking either we shouldn't add a column for multiple attributes (checkboxes, multiselects) and just have a seperate mapping table, or we should store those the way ams_options does with a value_id. Addresses and telecom numbers could just be saved as address_id or number_id entries.

4; 5; Agreed.