Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: ad_schedule_proc seems to be failing

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
If this is a "known" problem, what's known about it? Something in AOLServer? Some OS problem? Some weird date-related problem? Something entirely unrelated to OpenACS? Where has this been discussed before? The discussion over on the AOLServer list by people who know vastly more than I doesn't allude to any prior knowledge of this (

Seems pretty strange for production sites to suddenly develop problems after running fine for years -- and for other sites apparently not to manifest problems. I've restarted clones of my OpenACS 3.2.5/AOLserver/3.3.1+ad13 sites on a dev box and found no problems with VM or with scheduled procs not firing. I'm not restarting the production sites to see what happens until I learn more about what might be going on.

This is way further into the plumbing than I enjoy venturing, so I certainly hope those who can peer deeply into the stack will let us know what is afoot.

Posted by Zachary Shaw on
For what it's worth we're having the same problem at Brandeis University and when we change our system date AOLServer works fine.

I even brought up a vanilla version of aolServer 3.3.1+ad13 no ACS. All I'm doing is loading a page that schedules a number of procedures (ns_log's) and depending on the date they would stop firing.

if anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreaciated.