Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Is there any help document for .LRN development??? plz help

Hi Dinesh,

I believe the best way to get started is to understand how OpenACS works. A few good resources for the OpenACS templating system can be found here:

(thanks to the relevant sources)
A Quick Intro to OpenACS Templating - Rubick

OpenACS Templates Reuven - Lerner consulting

Jim explains OpenACS in an IRC session

Here you can find demo bits of code:
OpenACS docs - I found this doc really helpful adn feel it should be advertised more than it currently is.

Here you can find the demo for creating a new OpenACS package:
Again OpenACS docs

Here you can find how to turn your OpenACS package into a dotLRN package:
Forum posts, regards to Cathy and Nima for these two.

I had a similar problem to you in trying to find demos and tutorials that could get me started and I found these documents to all be very helpful. Hope they help.


hats off to Matthew.Thanks the lot.The links which you provided are very helpfull.