Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Integration between Mailman and OpenACS? (mailing list and bboard unification)

I'm also curious to hear about integration between OpenACS and ezmlm.  I've been using ezmlm for a few years, but I haven't ever tried to conenct it to PostgreSQL.

Most importantly, it's not clear to me how we could or should map the two data models to each other.  ezmlm requires that it be able to add and remove e-mail addresses in response to e-mail requests.  Does this mean that we would effectively be giving ezmlm the authority to register new users in OpenACS?  Should unsubscribing from a list also remove you from the ranks of OpenACS users?

And which table would ezmlm be modifying -- parties? users? people?  Or would we have to create a view for ezmlm, along with one or more rules that would fire the appropriate user-defined functions for creating and removing users?

I really like the idea of plugging these two technologies together, but there's a slight disconnect between them.  Any ideas would be welcome.