Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to creating users bug

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

Arjun: thank you for taking care of those two issues.

I have another one for you:

Editing the name of a custom portlet does change the title shown in the community home. The only way I can change the title that appears in the Community home is to delete the portlet and create a new one with the appropriate title.

And here is a question:

When I change the name of a class this does not change all the places where the name of the class appears (e.g. File Storage, in the URL, and probably a lot of other places I have not found yet)... is this intentional?

Changing the names of classes is something that we have to do quite often on the eLearning system we are presently using. We have learned that what appears in the URL is more important for our users than one would think (in other words: I hope it this is not intentional).