Forum .LRN Q&A: URLs get long

Posted by Lars Pind on
.LRN URLs tend to quickly get long when they include both the
department name, subject name, and class name. For example:

But it can be much worse. Especially the Germans seem to have (a)
very long names, and sometimes even (b) special chars like umlauts,
etc, that remain in the URL.

I like the fact that you aren't required to provide a short name,
but I think that perhaps this is the best way after all to get
shorter, more usable URLs, so you can say things like "socsci"
instead of "social-sciences", or "eng" instead of "engineering".

Any thoughts?


2: Response to URLs get long (response to 1)
Posted by Don Baccus on
Since URLs first get mapped to a site node, could we teach the request process to take as a site-node id and map backwards to the URL?  You'd then append everything trailing, set ad_conn URL, ad_conn file and off you'd go.

I think everything that's needed is cached in nsv land.

Of course then we'd need to generate URLs like this ...

3: Response to URLs get long (response to 1)
Posted by Alexander Antonakakis on
I would like to mention that if someone tries to make deps or classes in language other than English the link is not working (Greek).
This is a limitation on internationalization.